Wednesday, July 10, 2013


When you start a new eating regime toward more healthy your body may take a bit to realize what you're doing. It may fight back ... in the way of constipation (told you this was a TMI day).

When I first started eating cleaner and working out I had huge problems with constipation. I literally wouldn't have a bowel movement for days. To combat this I increased my fiber intake. Beachbody has a great product that helps boost your fiber, Shakeology Boost; The Fiber. Just add a scoop of this to your Shakeology to get things moving again (start with a 1/2 scoop and increase to a full scoop if necessary).

From the Beachbody website:

  • While there is no official Recommended Daily Allowance for fiber, the U.S. government has established Adequate Intake levels at 25 grams for women 18 to 50 years old (21g for women over 50) and 38 grams for men (30g for men over 50).

  • Most adults in the U.S. only get between 11 to 13 grams per day. That's definitely not enough. Add a full scoop of The Fiber to Shakeology and get a total of 10 grams of fiber with each shake

As always; if you have any questions Contact Me and I'll be happy to help ...

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