Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Focus T 25 Alpha: Day 8 Cardio

Day 6 & 7 in the program are rest days so was is really my 6th day of working out, start of week 2 and Day 8 in the program. I decided that starting this week I would add runs before the workout and so off I went in 95+ degree heat up the hill ... Hey, I had new shoes ... had to try them out ;)

Day 8 was Cardio again. This workout is a good one. I sweat and my heart rate gets up there fast! I did better this week then last Monday and burned about 30 more calories in the same amount of time. I did move to the modifier during the moving lunge sequence but still got the workout that I was looking for. I checked my HRM and my heart rate was still in the high 130's even doing the modified moves. So if you are under the misconception that you won't get the same result doing the modified moves think again.

The more I do this program the more I like it. I believe Tania (The Machine aka The Modifier) when she says this is the only workout she does anymore. It's just that good. I can't wait to take pics again at Week 5 (end of Alpha Phase) then Week 10 (end of Beta Phase) and, finally, Week 14 (or 15?) which is the end of the Gamma Phase.

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