Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Do the work people!

You've gotten the programs, you've ordered the supplements, they look really pretty sitting there on your DVD shelf and your kitchen counters ... but it's up to YOU to get moving!

I hear it all the time...I have the DVD's I am doing the workouts but I am not seeing the results I want. WHY AREN'T I SEEING RESULTS?!

Ask yourself this; Am I really working hard or am I just going through the motions? Am I doing all I can with my nutrition? Am I eating 3 balanced meals, including breakfast, and having snacks that are healthy? Am I consistent with a program and following the workout guidelines or am I just sorta doing a workout whenever?

In order to see results you first have to build habits ... NO EXCUSES ... so what if you're tired, do the workout anyway and think to yourself "am I REALLY TIRED? or am I JUST BEING LAZY?!"  I am willing to bet that you will feel better after doing the workout. Try to make a "workout time" where you are dedicated to keeping that appointment with yourself. DO IT EVERY DAY that you have a scheduled workout. USE A WORKOUT CALENDAR AND HOLD YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE to get that workout done.


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