Monday, July 8, 2013

Focus T25 ... Friday's Day 5

It was doubles day last Friday and that meant Lower Focus and Cardio. I was going to break up the workout and do it 2 separate times but then decided that I would do them back to back as that is how I was going to have to do them in a work week. See? Even though I had Friday off I STILL got my workout in.

Lower Focus is just that ... you are focusing on the lower half of your body with the only upper body cue to keep your chest up. If you've done Asylum 1 you will recognize some of the moves (pulses) and they aren't any easier this time around. Again, Shaun T uses the "progression" method going from easier to harder. Seems to be a couple of sections to each of the workouts and at the end of each section is a "burnout phase" ... I had to do a lot of modified moves this past Friday but I still felt it.

Cardio was a repeat of Day 1 but I did manage to do a little better. I didn't do the cool down after Lower Focus because I knew I was going to do cardio right away and didn't want my heart rate to lower too much between but I did do the cool down after the Cardio workout.

Today starts week 2 with ... you guessed it; Cardio. Before the workout however I am going up to my favorite hill to do a 2.87 mile sprint run. Why am I able to do this? Because Focus T25 is only 25 minutes (well 28 including cool down) and I can now do my beloved run prior to going home to do my scheduled workout.

As always, if you want more information on this or any Beachbody workout, please Contact Me by clicking that link then clicking the orange "contact me" link. Fill in your information and I'll get right back to you!

Have a great week and I'll be checking in with you again soon!

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