Monday, August 25, 2014

3 Day Refresh Day 3 Meal by Meal Feedback

Day 2 was much better then Day 1. I didn't feel overly tired and I actually stayed up to watch Doctor Who Series 8 premier ... yes, I am a nerd and a geek and a Whovian!

I opted out of the soup portion of my dinner and I did the Vanilla Fresh correctly last night. That is to say, without fruit.

Someone asked me what my purpose was for doing the Refresh. First, it's to remove all the toxins from my body. When I started Les Mills Combat, I utilized one of their recipes for lunch quite often, the Burger. It seems my body does not like red meat on a continual basis and typically I only eat poultry and fish. Those burgers really did a number on me and I was bloated and crampy and just ... ugh. So I want to clear the remnants of that out of my system. Secondly, I wanted to re establish that I have self control and self discipline. Doing something like this requires both. My boyfriend got Subway last night. I wanted one SO BADLY, especially after moving stuff around all afternoon but I got home and measured out my baby carrots and my avocado and had that instead. Self discipline at it's finest. Read more after the break

I made for dinner the Lemony Green Beans. They were SO GOOD that not only am I having those again for dinner tonight, I am going to be incorporating this recipe into my dinners going forward. (read more by clicking read more ... or you'll miss my feedback for the day)

Upon Waking: I chugged down my glass of water and now I am having coffee. Do yourself a favor, if you are a coffee drinker, drink your coffee. You don't want the headaches from withdrawal and it will make you want to quit. BUT if you normally take cream and sugar in your coffee forget it. Drink it black and NO FLAVORED COFFEE either. Just plain black coffee.

8:00 am - Vanilla Shakeology with Water and Frozen Banana ... today is going to be a challenge timing wise but I think I have it down. I have set alarms in my phone to cue me on meals and when to eat / snack.

I am eagerly awaiting 9:45 and my LAST FIBER SWEEP. It's not bad, but it's not the greatest. After this I am chugging water again and leaving for my 10:30 appointment. I won't get to eat until Lunch which will be around 12:30.

In the mean time, I have been packing my lunch and snacks for work tomorrow. I have decided to make the cucumber / tomato salad a snack and it's going to work with me tomorrow. It's good. I like it. That will be my early snack with my later snack being carrots and hummus for the protein. I am not working out next week either ... I have too much to do and decided that since I have been working out non stop since last July I deserve a break before jumping into Body Beast.

9:45 am - Fiber Sweep ... I used the food processor function on my blender to get it nice and blended. I pour into a glass and CHUG. Still citrusy, still the worst part of the day but not as bad as everyone is making it out to be. That said; I am glad I am done with that drink now.

12:15 pm  LUNCH TIME! Vanilla Fresh with banana and cinnamon with baby carrots and avocado. I find that having the extra calories from the avocado helps curb the cravings for other foods. I still have a snack and I think I am going to do baby carrots and hummus for that instead of the avocado later on.

Dinner will be the lemony green beans and this refresh will be in the books.

Monday (tomorrow) I am going to be posting a recap of the refresh, my thoughts, and my opinions. I will also be posting my ending stats because tomorrow it's back to "normal" eating (which is rather clean). 

Storage locker done :) yay me!

3:30 pm snack of baby carrots and hummus. I think I will have dinner around 6:30 or so then I am DONE DONE DONE.

So far, I am okay. No hunger pangs but man the pulled chicken sandwich I made for my boyfriend for lunch sure looked good. Oh! I also cleared out the entire closet for painting (hopefully) tomorrow.

6:00 pm Vanilla Fresh with Cinnamon and Lemony Green Beans done and the 3 Day Refresh is in the books. All I have to do is weigh tomorrow and measure. Recap during the day 

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