Friday, July 11, 2014

But Karen, what have you been up to since December 2013

I know it's been a while and I just wanted to get you all caught up on everything I have been doing fitness and nutrition related in the past 7 months. I am still a Team Beachbody Coach and would really like to help you get on the road to better health and nutrition! Contact Me for more information or Visit My Website . I can set you up with a FREE NO OBLIGATION account to Team Beachbody.

But enough about that, let's talk about some of the workouts I've been doing! (it's a long one but worth it!)

P90X3 is Tony Horton's Newest workout program. It is short and sweet clocking in at 30 minutes a workout. I completed 1 full round of the classic schedule and 2 months into the Mass schedule (I'll explain in a minute why). 

X3 Base Kit comes complete with 16 workouts on 8 DVD's. The Yoga in X3 is only a 1/2 hour so no more excuses people! The workouts are as follows: 

Resistance Workouts 

Total Synergistics
The Challenge
Eccentric Upper
Eccentric Lower
Agility X

Cardio Workouts


Core/Flexibility/Balance Workouts

X3 Yoga

For more information and to purchase click on the photo above or email me at Beachbody

Out of all the X3 workouts I loved MMX. In fact I loved MMX so much that I am now doing 

I purchased the base package, did one workout (Combat 30 Kick Start) and immediately ordered the Ultimate Warrior DVD Package. I was 2 months into my second round of P90X3 Mass Schedule when I decided to pull the trigger on Combat. I am so glad I did! This program makes you feel, simply put, bad ass! 

I decided to take photos at day 19 because I was feeling different. I saw a noticeable slimming and when I took measurements I was down 1" from my waist, hips, and thighs. That is huge in 19 days. I upped my daily caloric intake to 1600 calories and am utilizing P90X Results and Recovery formula after every workout. I will be doing a blog entirely dedicated to Les Mills Combat and my results (including start/end measurements as well as Day 1, Day 30 and Day 60 Photos). 

Suffice to say I love this program. 

Next on the list? 

I am hearing some great things from people who have started this program. Mine arrives today and I have already worked out a PiYO/Combat Hybrid that I will be starting at the end of August. If you are interested in working out with me, CONTACT ME so I can get you set up with your program. You can either do PiYO as an individual program or try my PiYO/Combat Hybrid ... If you already have a Beachbody program that you would like to work out to and would still like to be included in my group, the only thing I ask is a) that you sign up with me as your coach and b) that you are using Shakeology daily. I will be doing a separate post on Shakeology.

In between Combat and my Hybrid I am going to take advantage of the time off and do a 3 Day Refresh

That's all for now ...

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