Thursday, July 24, 2014

Body Beast ON SALE NOW!

If you've been waiting to try Body Beast or are simply looking to gain lean muscle, now is your chance for a (very) limited time, Body Beast is available at a SUPER DEEP DISCOUNT! I'll be picking it up and staring in November! Read more after the page break for pricing information and links! Also, if it doesn't show as the pricing listed in the blog post EMAIL ME for help. The pricing is supposed to roll out through the day on Thursday July 24th.

Here's what you want to know: 


KIT DETAILS                                  SALE PRICE

Base Kit                                              $   39.90
Deluxe Kit                                           $  149.90
Ultimate Kit                                         $  199.90
Tempo DVD                                        $   29.95
Lucky 7 DVD                                     $    19.95

CHALLENGE PACK DETAILS                                  SALE PRICE

Extreme Supplements Challenge Pack                              $  170.00
Shakeology Challenge Pack                                             $  160.00

Head on over to my WEBSITE and click on the shop link to purchase or simply click on the banner above or below to take advantage of this incredible deal. To give you an idea of the savings: The base kit alone normally retails for $  89.95. That's a $ 50.00 savings to you FOR A LIMITED TIME.

What you get: 12 workouts designed to maximize fat burn and develop lean muscle growth in 3 phases; Build, Bulk and Beast. Girls, don't worry about getting HUGE, we simply can't (unless we are taking HGH or other hormones). What we will get is lean muscle while scorching fat! You also get a nutrition guide as well as a product training guide. There are supplements that you can purchase at your own discretion. 

Again, this is an INCREDIBLE DEAL for such a great program! You can also EMAIL ME for more information on this and other Beachbody Products. 
Ready to buy? Click the banner below! 

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