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P90X - First Round ... Old Results but Still Maintaining

This was a post I did to originally track my P90X results. I haven't' done before and after pics in a while but will begin to when I get T25. Since this initial post I have done a few rounds of P90X, Asylum 1 and 2 and P90X2. My love affair with Beachbody Products was officially underway.

In October of 2010 a friend on MFP suggested that we do P90X together. Now this would be a "virtual" together since we lived no where near one another and I decided that it wouldn't be a bad idea ... So, she started a thread on the forums, a bunch of people signed up and only a few of us were left at the end ... some are still completing it (yay them) and some simply disappeared into the wind, including the original person who asked me to do it "with her" ... that's okay, she didn't know I have abandonment issues (I'm JOKING ... not about the issue, I have that, just about me feeling that way about her cutting out).

Truth is, I didn't expect her to finish. In fact, I didn't expect ANYONE who signed up on that thread to finish. The statistics are already against that ... It just doesn't happen. The amount of people who buy that program and actually finish is in a very VERY low percentile. Why, you may ask? BECAUSE ITS FUCKING HARD is my answer.

P90X is not for everyone. It just isn't. I don't care what the infomercials say ... well I don't actually KNOW what they say because I have never seen one. No, really I had never seen ONE infomercial on the product and I bought it anyway. I bought it because my friend on MFP asked me to join her in this. I thought it was a good idea. I had seen REAL people have REAL RESULTS. I could no longer afford a personal trainer, I was losing weight and I wanted to be "ripped". I know the people are "real" because I interact with them on MFP every single day ... I have seen before and after pictures and I knew that with hard work and dedication I could look similar to that too.

Going on with why it isn't for everyone.

First of all you have to have TIME. Yes time. Now, this is the #1 excuse for people to not get off their asses and work out and get moving. I hear that constant whine of "I don't have TIME to work out" blah blah blah. Okay, I know that some of you have kids and a family and on top of that have to work. But you can always make time for 74 minutes of ME TIME. You deserve that. You need to tell your kids and husband (or wife) that you need some ME TIME. If you can't do that then P90X is not for you. Don't even waste your money. I say this because it IS an investment. You need various weights or bands, yoga mat, yoga blocks, pull up bar. I would also suggest heavy bag gloves for Kenpo (so you feel like you are punching something) and just plain workout gloves. In all I have probably spent close to $ 300.00 gearing up and I need heavier weights (for round 2) but will likely go with a band set. So ... TIME AND MONEY are the first reasons why it isn't for everyone.

Secondly if you get BORED EASILY it is not for you. If you have the time and the money that still doesn't change the fact that there are 12 workouts that are the EXACT SAME EVERY TIME YOU PRESS PLAY. The same dialogue between the workout partners, the same jokes, the same sweat the same bad form to be corrected. Now, there is an option to turn all this off but even so, it's the same moves over and over again (rotated) over 90 days. Let me put it this way, if you can't get through Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred cuz you are bored of repetition? P90X is probably not for you.

Next; If you are the type of person who only goes to the gym occasionally but has only stepped on a treadmill and then has only set that speed to less then 4mph ... You are probably going to DIE doing P90X. It is hard. The Plyometrics and Kenpo will KILL YOU. I am not exaggerating here. If you have no experience with weight lifting you will likely injure yourself if you do no PAY CLOSE ATTENTION. Before diving into P90X do something a little more rudimentary ... test yourself with 30DS or any of the other excellent dvd's out there ... shorter duration and you are less likely to injure yourself.

IF YOU HAVE AN EGO P90X is probably not for you. If you think you can keep up with Tony and the gang you are in for a world of hurt. Don't try it ... don't even think about it. It could be at your peril if you do ... I am not joking here. These workouts are HARD and they kick your ass. There is no place for EGO in P90X.

If you have no "self motivation" then don't do it. You have to motivate yourself EVERY DAY 6 DAYS A WEEK to press play on the machine and really BRING IT in order for this to work. I have heard many times, I did P90X and didn't get any results. I ask those people if they have actually worked out to the DVD's or did they just pop them in and magically think that they would get ripped or cut just by sitting there. Now I was being facetious but truly, some people think they can get away with just "doing the motions" ... NO NO NO YOU NEED TO SWEAT AND MOVE AND GROOVE. You need to BRING IT every day ... so no self motivation? P90X is not for you.

If you have a bunch of weight to lose this program may not be for you. I only say this because P90X is not a weight loss program but you CAN lose weight on it IF you use a calorie deficit website like MFP and use a HRM to track calories burned. The P90X nutrition program is GREAT but I didn't use it because I had about 20lbs I needed to lose when I started the program (stats later) and so I continues with the MFP sites goal options.

Now, let's get to MY opinion of this program. I am obviously not falling into any of the categories above because I DID finish it. I DID "graduate" ... I did see results.

I could no longer afford a personal trainer. I wanted to do this program because I have seen results from real people. I love this program, I back this program, I think that everyone who does not meet the criteria above and can stick it out for 90 days should buy and do this program. I have seen results from this program and will post pictures below at the end.

I love that they show how to modify exercises based on injuries you may have or other factors. Tony Horton's coaching style is easy to follow and he makes sure that you understand about form and what good form is and what bad form looks like. He shows you what NOT to do. Each DVD starts with a warm up and stretch and ends with a cool down and stretch. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO NOT SKIP YOU COULD HURT YOURSELF. I was guilty of never stretching and this program has taught me how to do just that. I feel great and never once was hurt during this entire 90 day program.

Yoga, Yoga, Yoga ... the Yoga X dvd is 90 fucking minutes long ... I loved it. I hated it. I ended up buying a 45 minute version by Tony Horton from his One on One Series called Fountain of Youth Yoga ... get it. SERIOUSLY BUY THIS DVD YOU WILL FOREVER THANK ME FOR IT ... in fact just go ahead and thank me now ... I know you want to. I'll even make it easy for you ... here's the link

Most of all, I love the sense/fact that I accomplished something a very small percentage of people do ... I graduated. I REALLY DID IT all 90 days. I have the stats and the pictures to prove it.

11/3/10 Start Weight: 160.6 lbs
1/31/11 End Weight: 144 lbs (4lbs from goal of 140lbs ... I have since lost 2 lbs).

11/3/10 Waist (at smallest point): 32"
1/31/11 Waist (at smallest point): 29"

11/3/10 Hips: 39"
1/31/11 Hips: 36.5"

11/3/10 Right & Left Arms: 11.5"
1/31/11 Right & Left Arms: 11" (note: my arms have always been small but now they are small and CUT)

11/3/10 Right & Left Thighs: 23.5"
1/31/11 Right & Left Thighs: 21"

11/3/10 Body Fat Percentage (measured with caliper): 23.4%
*1/31/11 Body Fat Percentage (measured with caliper): 17.3%

* My gym will be doing hydrostatic body fat analysis soon and I have signed up for that I will let you all know what this number REALLY is. I only took 1 measurement for that percentage and you really need to take like 7 measurements and do a mathematical equation to figure it out ... I suck at math).

These are my P90X Day 0 Shots 11/3/2010

These are my P90X Day 30 Shots 11/30/2010

These are my P90X Day 60 Shots 12/30/2010

These are my P90X Day 90 Shots 01/31/2011

And the bonus shot in my new Victoria Secret Bikini :) I am planning on doing Insanity Starting on February 15th and will post another blog with those progress pics :) It's ONLY 63 days so there will only be Before and After shots :) Thanks for reading and (for most of you) coming on this journey with me.

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