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Focus T25 ... Final Thoughts, Round 1

Friday, October 4th was my final day of Focus T25. I completed all three phases, Alpha, Beta and Gamma (sold individually). I am starting Round 2 on Monday October 7th. While only 25 minutes, this is one of the most intense programs that I have done. 14 weeks of FOCUS, SWEAT AND FUN!

Like the picture up above says; "Holy Crap it's only 25 minutes a day" ... and believe me you feel that way after you get done with one of these workouts!

The Alpha phase is the "foundation". It works on balance, coordination and core strength. You will find throughout this program that core strength is a focus and Shaun T put you to the test with each and every workout. You may feel on week 3 that you are ready for Beta but stick with Alpha for the 5 weeks, you'll be glad you did! The Alpha phase consists of 5 workouts done over 5 (or 6) days.

Cardio: it is what it says it is. Fast cardio to get your heart going! Each set is just long enough that as you move onto the next exercise you aren't working out to fail, you are working out to succeed (this holds true for all of them).

Next up is Speed 1.0 (there are 3, so far) which consists of coordination moves broken up by core stability / stretching moves. During Alpha I loved this workout and looked forward to it every week.

The third workout is Total Body Circuit. I maintain that this is the hardest workout second only to Gamma phase speed 3.0. In the 5th week of Alpha we look forward to this workout 3x with the last day being a double. I truly feel that this should have been placed in the Beta Phase but since it doesn't use weights it is in the Alpha phase. All I really have to say about TBC is DON'T GIVE UP. It doesn't get easier but you WILL get better!

Ab Intervals works on the abs and you will be sweating. You may think "Oh jeez we are going to be doing 30 minutes of crunches" but Shaun T Brings ab workouts to a whole new level. You will feel this one and you will see results.

Lower Focus is all about legs and core. Remember pulses from Asylum? Yeah, get ready to say hi to them again.

The Beta phase is the building phase. Here he introduces weights, the moves are a bit accelerated but hey, you're in BETA it's time to work!

Core Cardio, again is what it says it is but with a twist. Moves are designed to work the core even harder. He wants your mid section to whittle down. We all know that's the toughest place to lose so he makes sure you work it!

Speed 2.0. This is BY FAR my FAVORITE WORKOUT! I love the 2 phases in this workout and how he runs them. At the end you are doing phase 1 and 2 back to back till time. The music is great the movements are great and it's over before you know it. I love love LOVE this workout.

Rip'T Circuit; Introduces weight training for the first time in T25 and I must say this one is MUCH EASIER then it sounds and definitely much easier then TBC in alpha.

Dynamic Core; Takes ab intervals but introduces dynamic movement while concentrating on keeping your core tight. Imagine Shaun T punching you in the stomach what would you do? Push out to minimize impact. Keep your core tight throughout and you will see results and strengthening.

Upper Focus; Lots of curls, presses and floor work. Chest, bi's, tris.

Then comes Gamma: This is the strength phase. You still have cardio but the focus is on weights.

There are 2 calendars that come with the Gamma phase. For round 1 I did what I like to call "pure Gamma" I wanted to see what those workouts alone would do. Next round I am going to do the hybrid which incorporates workouts from the Alpha and Beta phase into the calendar. I liked Gamma but felt that I didn't see as much change as I did between Alpha and Beta. Good workouts none the less.

You start out with Speed 3.0. Tania is NOT modifying in this workout. I suggest you try it but if you find it's too challenging swap out Speed 2.0 for it. That is what I did. I found that I wasn't getting an effective workout as I was struggling more then I was able to do the moves. In round 2 I will attempt Speed 3.0 again, however.

Rip'T Up a step up from Rip'T Circuit but still not as hard as TBC. Then there's Extreme Circuit and The Pyramid.

The Pyramid is awesome. If you are familiar with Shaun's Pyramid workouts in Asylum you start out doing 1 rep, then 2 then 3 and so on for the allotted time. There are burnout  phases where you do the moves quickly for the set burnout time. You are pushing and sweating ... it's awesome.!

No Breaks, 25 minutes a day, 5 days a week ... My weight loss was only 5.7 lbs but that's partially due to me not eating as well as I could have on the weekends. I did use the nutrition guide (as well as the guides from Asylum 1 and 2) and will continue to do so (another post on that later). Balance nutrition is key in getting the results you want! I did lose 6 1/2" overall. I am looking for more!

Here are the progress pics:

 Not bad for pushing 50 eh?

As always,Contact Me for more information on Focus T25 or any other Beachbody Program!

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